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Surrogacy- Feel your baby with me

 A surrogacy is an agreement of carrying of pregnancy for the infertile couple known as intended parent. India is a favorite destination for couples who want to opt for surrogacy due to the cheap availability of the service. At Seeds of Innocence we perform the best surrogacy activity by providing healthy surrogates and complete legal bond between the surrogate and the commissioning parents.

What are the types of surrogacy?

Gestational  Surrogacy  :   The Surrogate gets pregnant by the embryos   created  through IVF and the child is  genetically unrelated  to the surrogate . It can be done  by utilizing  the intended parent’ s  sperm and egg or by using donor egg or donor sperm . Gestational  surrogacy can be done  by donor embryo also wherein the resulting child is genetically unrelated to the intended parents  and genetically  unrelated to the  surrogate . Gestational surrogate are also known as gestational carriers and she is the “birth mother” of the baby

Traditional Surrogacy : The Surrogate is impregnated naturally  or  artificially and in this case the  resulting child is genetically related to the  surrogate . This is done by artificially inseminating a surrogate with intended father‘s sperm through the procedure of IUI or IVF. A traditional surrogate is the Biological mother of the baby 


Can the surrogate be compensated for surrogacy? What is the cost of Surrogacy in India?

If the surrogate receives compensation other than the medical expenses then the arrangement is referred as commercial surrogacy, otherwise it is considered as altruistic.

Is surrogacy legal by law?

ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) has approved surrogacy, however has set some guidelines for its protection too. Sex selective surrogacy is prohibited and requirement of one of the commissioning parent’s gamete is one of them. The Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill, 2016 was introduced in Lok Sabha in November, however it has not been passed yet. It states that no monetary benefit in cash or kind can be given for commercial surrogacy so as to crack down the encouragement of exploitation. Only altruistic surrogacy is allowed, where the surrogate mother is a close relative of the commissioning parents and the couple has already proven their infertility. Single parents, homosexuals, live in couple childless or unmarried women are also not permitted for surrogacy by law.

Who Can Use Surrogate: Confusions and trauma

 Women with following medical problem might decide to use the option of surrogate. Medical problems with the uterus like hysterectomy, fibroids in uterus  age factor, repeated IVF failure condition that makes pregnancy impossible or medically risky , such as chemotherapy, heart  disease and Juvenile uterus.

Who Can be a Surrogate  : I am worried about the womb carrying my baby

 Few criteria should be kept In mind while choosing a surrogate. The surrogate should be at least 21 years of age but not more than 35 years. She should have given birth to at least one healthy baby as passed all the psychological & physical health tests, such as syphilis ,HIV ,Hepatitis B&C ,TSH  and Prolactin and many more. The surrogate along with her husband is being counseled by the counselors at Seeds of Innocence before initiating the process.

Finding A Surrogate : Is it a herculean task? 

Surrogates  are generally provided by the surrogacy agency and ART banks registered under ICMR .These agencies work in collaboration with the fertility clinics. Amongst a large pool of preselected surrogate mothers clients are free to pick and choose the surrogate of their choice.

Different Types of Surrogacy Cycle :

Self -Egg Cycle: The egg of the intended mother are fertilized with the intended father’s sperm and the resulting embryos are transferred  in the uterus of the surrogate.

Egg Donation Cycle: Donor eggs are retrieved and fertilized with the intended father’s sperm and the embryos are transferred to surrogate mother.

Frozen Embryos Cycle: Egg retrieved from the donor or intended mother are frozen earlier and later fertilized with the sperm of male partner to form embryos . These embryos are then transferred to the surrogate mother.

Embryo Adoption:  Embryos donated by other couples can be adopted for self- transfer only.  In India, embryos adoption cannot be done to the surrogate mother.


Eligibility Criteria For Intended Parents : Can I be the one?

Surrogacy is considered for patients for whom it is physically or medically impossible . A couple cannot avail the services of more than one surrogate at a time. Couple availing the services of a surrogate are legally bound to accept the custody Of the child/children irrespective of any abnormality the child/children may have . There Can Be No Simultaneous Transfer Of Embryos In The Woman & In The surrogate.

Eligibility Criteria For Indian Nationals :

In India , Couples are eligible for surrogacy only for medical reasons listed below:

Uterine Conditions:Removal , Absence , Deformed or Juvenile Uterus

Pelvic Conditions: Pelvic inflammatory Disease, Endometriosis Etc.

Systemic Condition-Heart Disease , Epilepsy ,Diabetes or Renal Conditions

Fertility:  Multiple failed IVF, Multiple Miscarriages

No Indian surrogate is allowed to travel abroad for surrogacy.


Rights and duties of surrogacy

Both the couple and the surrogate mother shall enter into a surrogacy agreement that is legally enforceable. All expenses of the surrogate related to pregnancy shall be borne by the couple seeking surrogacy. 

A couple shall not avail the services of more than one surrogate at any given time

 A surrogate mother cannot act as an oocyte donor for the couple seeking surrogacy.

Surrogate can be a relative or known person of the intended parent.

Consent of the husband in case of married surrogate is mandatory. Age of the surrogate should not be less than 21 years and not more than 35 years.

Simultaneous transfer of embryos in the woman and the surrogate is prohibited.

Surrogate mother should be medically tested for sexually transmitted diseases and all other diseases which may endanger the health of the child.

The birth certificate of the surrogate child should be in the name of the intended parents.

Can surrogate breast feed the baby?

Surrogates are generally not permitted to breast feed the baby. 

 PROCESS- A sigh of relief    


The Intended parents view, choose & select their choice of surrogate . The selected surrogate mother will undergo an IVF procedure and will carry the baby to term. She is housed, clothed and fed. She is carefully monitored during the term and provided the best of pre and post natal care. This caution and care ensures the birth of a healthy and fully developed baby.

Agreement between the two are acknowledged and signed. The surrogate is Impregnated by using traditional IVF method, wherein the cycle may be of different type depending upon the treatment plan of the intended parent. The eggs are retrieved from the female partner and fertilized with the male partner’s sperm. The embryos hence formed are transferred in the uterus of the surrogate. A blood test after 14 days is conducted to confirm the pregnancy.

Surrogates at Seeds of Innocence are kept in clean & hygienic environment and have been given good nutritious food. A staff nurse visits them regularly for their medicines and injections.

Post-delivery the surrogate hands over the baby immediately top the commissioning parent. She is been provided of all the necessary care right from her admission into the hospital till her way back home. Navigation to the birth certificate of the child and legal proceedings is initiated by Seeds of Innocence and once the bond is made it is handed over to the commissioning parents.

Happiness manifold

Surrogacy, a boon for those who can never dream of a baby due to not being able to give birth is no more a nightmare. At Seeds of Innocence you can plan your baby without any hassle in an easy going authenticated and empathetic way. Our well trained counselors can easily understand the need of the gloomy couples and the expertise of splendid team of doctors and specialist help you to bring home happiness.

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